Grant C. Adams

My first novel


The King of Petén

If you like Historical Fiction, then I think that you just might enjoy my book.  


The King of Petén is energetic and full of adventure.  The novel weaves together the present with the past.  The rich Mayan history is explained through fiction and non-fictional characters allowing the reader to experience life among the citizens of Tikal during the height of Hasaw Chan K’awil’s (the ruler and king of Petén) reign.



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Chris Thompson, a college professor, and David Castillo, a native Guatemalan find themselves trapped in seventh century Mayan civilization in the Tikal region. They experience wars and death, betrayals and forbidden relationships. They learn to live and adapt to a time period drastically different from their own. The two friends realize that they are capable of doing unimaginable things, even kill -- they will do anything in order to survive. With decisions that alter the lives of others, Chris and David discover their importance among the Mayan people. Tikal’s history is at stake.



"This was a fun story. I enjoyed reading it."

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* Amazon charges way too much, in my opinion.  I tried to make the price as low as possible.  If you want to buy a copy for $10.00, just e-mail me directly and I will mail you a copy.